The Blind Relief Association, Nagpur

The Blind Relief Association, an Association for the welfare of blind provides intensive, disability-specific educational services for enrolled students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind and multiple disabled where primary learning needs are related to their visual impairment. In partnership with students, families, local education agencies, professional and community resources, the TBRAN prepare students to participate at their highest level of independence in their schools, workplaces, ..

English Medium Nursery School

The Blind Relief Association started English Medium Nursery School in the year 2006. The school is marching to glory due to the sincere and dedicated efforts taken by the Principal and staff. In all 265 students are being groomed by qualified, compassionate and talented teachers. The school has won the hearts of one and all due to its lush green and eco friendly premises and safe and secured environment. It is equipped with a toy area for kids and teaching aids to simplify understand..

Mundle English Medium School

Mundle English Medium School (Integrated) was established in 1998, in the nature friendly and lush green premises of Andh Vidyalaya. The school’s vision focuses on imparting moral values, strengthening academics, exposure to extracurricular activities, inculcate Indian culture and traditions and develop the all round personality of children...

Andh Vidyalaya

The education of the visually challenged depends on touch and experience. Hence they need to be handled with extreme patience and compassion. In order to develop interest in education every student needs to be given personal attention. To accomplish this special teachers are appointed by the Institute...

Workshop for Visually Challenged

The Institute’s goal is to educate & train a visually challenged to enable him to stand on his own feet and make him competent to live his life with dignity and self respect. With this aim, Institute established a workshop- ‘Sheltered Workshop for the Visually Challenged.’..